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Ceiling Speaker: Can You Hear Me

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Ceiling speaker, which is also known as top speaker,is different china fire alarm speaker, this is a ceiling-mounted electro-acoustic conversion device. It is generally used in public places and input audio power signal in constant pressure mode. As to the place is not so big, it input signals in the form of fixed resistance.

Arranging speakers on the ceiling, the intervals of them is related to the height of the room, more precisely, to the height of an imaginary plane which exists with the ears of the listener. The audience is sitting (office) or standing (in the corridor) affects the human ear height. Because the radiation angle of most cone speakers is 90 degrees, the interval between each speaker is approximately equal to the diameter that speaker radiation angle projected to the virtual plane. In this respect, even the most simple design and installation of ceiling speakers are not purely technical problem; a good background music project is the combination of experience, technology and art. So, a good project need the cooperation of ceiling speaker suppliers.10w ceiling speaker manufacturers and customers.

The speaker circuit layout had better together with electrical circuit layout. Since china tv speaker wholesale wire is weak, it should not be too close with strong electricity electrician (AC220V). To wear PVC pipe, the distance can be 20cm in terms of installation and interference factors. There are manholes left when electrician route the wires, so the speaker wire should be different from other lines so that it can be easily identified when it’s time to overhaul. In the actual construction process, position of the speaker also needs to take into account of the location of lights, position of fire sprinklers, the air conditioning vent and the modeling of ceiling cap. As to speaker lines through PVC pipe, PVC pipe is required to use a spring bent rather than elbows to ensure that each of lines inside the tubes from the junction box can be freely twitching and mainly to ensure future maintenance and changeover or threading.

Special openings are necessary for speaker holes to reduce the damage to the ceiling, especially gypsum ceiling. The opening diameter should be in accordance with the provisions of the ceiling speaker holes’ size. In the actual construction, it can be a little bigger in order to install and remove easily.

It is better to begin the installation of ceiling speakers after the accomplishment of the painting. The whole process is a perfect cooperation with other workers. It should also be noted that the lines should be checked before running the boot system.