Survey Shows Adults Who Use E-Cigarettes To Quit Smoking

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At a Senate hearing last month, Jay Rockefeller noted that electronic cigarette fluid is out there in a wide variety of flavors-conclusive proof, to his mind, that e cigarettes organizations choose to hook young children on nicotine. “I am an adult,” the West Virginia Democrat stated. “Would I be attracted to Cherry Crush, Chocolate Treat, Peachy Keen, Vanilla Dreams? No, I wouldn’t.”

Call it the Rockefeller Rule: If an e-cigarette flavor will not appeal to this unique 77-year-old senator, it could not possibly appeal to anybody older than 17. Rebutting that claim, Jason Healy, founder and president of Blu eCigs, cited a consumer survey that discovered “the typical age of a cherry smoker is within the higher 40s.” Survey benefits released nowadays by E-Cigarette Forum, a web-based gathering spot for vaping enthusiasts, reinforce Healy’s point, displaying that grownups choose the flavors that Rockefeller insists are strictly for little ones.

The survey, conducted in late June and early July, included greater than ten,000 members of E-Cigarette Forum, 78 % of whom reside in the Usa. Their ages ranged from 18 to “65 and over,” with 74 percent involving 22 and 54. Once they had been asked which flavor they applied most, 22 percent stated tobacco, even though an more 3 % mentioned menthol tobacco. In other words, three-quarters of those adult vapers favor flavors besides tobacco, like fruit (31 percent), bakery/dessert (19 %), and savory/spice (five %).

That make sense, because the proliferation of flavors-The New York Occasions reports that “more than 7,000 flavors are now out there and, by one particular estimate, almost 250 a lot more are becoming introduced just about every month”-is specifically evident amongst vapers who, like most of the participants in this survey, use devices with refillable tanks, as an alternative to e-cigarettes that are either totally disposable or take disposable electronic cigarette. Refillable vaporizers, available primarily on the internet or in specialized outlets, are significantly less likely to interest teenagers than the less expensive “cigalikes” sold in supermarkets and comfort retailers.

The new survey also delivers further proof that e-cigarettes enable smokers quit, a proposition that Rockefeller and also other critics question. Eighty-nine % with the respondents reported that they had smoked a minimum of ten cigarettes each day just before they started vaping, and 88 % said they were not currently smokers. These findings are equivalent for the benefits of a different survey focusing on people today who participate in online vaping forums, reported last April inside the International Journal of Environmental Investigation and Public Well being. That study, which incorporated more than 19,000 vapers from about the planet, discovered that nearly all of them (99.five percent) have been smokers once they began vaping. Four-fifths of them had stopped smoking totally, even though the rest had decreased their cigarette consumption, on average, from 20 to four per day.

Notably, two-thirds in the ex-smokers inside the ego electronic cigarette Forum survey mentioned nontobacco flavors had been crucial in assisting them quit. Survey information reported inside the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health final December likewise indicate that flavor wide variety is important in quitting. That study, which involved about 4,500 vapers, located that they tended to prefer tobacco-flavored fluid initially but later switched to other flavors. Most reported working with greater than one flavor on a daily basis and mentioned the variety created the practical experience a lot more fascinating and enjoyable.

Greater than nine out of ten vapers in the E-Cigarette Forum survey stated they worried that government regulations demanded by save-the-children alarmists like Rockefeller will remove goods they use from the market. It’s not hard to see why. “Why in heaven’s name are you going ahead and advertising and marketing these items and selling these items?” Rockefeller asked Healy and yet another e-cigarette executive throughout last month’s hearing. “I don’t understand how you visit sleep at night.…You’re what’s wrong with this country.”

Source: Survey Shows Adults Who Use E-Cigarettes To Quit Smoking


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